Roofers Liability Insurance for Roofing Contractors

When you’re just starting out as a Roofer or Roofing Contractor obtaining quotations for Public and Employers’ Liability Insurance isn’t as easy as other trades, due to the work at height and exposure to potential losses.

Roofers are considered a High Risk trade, which rings alarm bells for many insurers, so when obtaining quotations you will want to approach a company that can meet your needs and requirements.

In addition, if you employ people within your roofing company it is a legal requirement to have Employers’ Liability cover.

Liability insurance is a very important cover for roofers in case someone is injured or their property damaged because of your business. Due to the increased hazard level both to the public and any employees it is important that insurance products for these trades cover the insured for a larger variety of outcomes. Use of heat and height are examples of such perils of the roofing trade.

Business Insurance for Roofing Companies

Business insurance for roofers and roofing contractors is a necessity when you consider the risks involved. Roofers and roofing contractors are active all day, every day working on business or private premises, exposing themselves to a significant risk of personal injury and their business to a potential claim for property damage or to customers and others. Risks include liability arising from both water damage and use of heat either of which can cause catastrophic loss or damage.

Whether you are self-employed or an employee there are specialist schemes available to provide insurance cover for Roofers or Roofing contractors which can provide a comprehensive solution for your insurance needs.

Cover can be on a package basis including Combined Liability, Contractors All Risks together with tools cover. You can however have separate policies if you don’t require the additional extras such as Personal Accident cover which a package policy may offer.

The cost of liability insurance for roofers and roofing contractors is dependent upon a number of factors, but many great deals are available on-line for even some of the more complex risks. The price you will pay will depend upon the sort of work you are undertaking as a roofing contractor.

Choosing the right insurance product for Roofing and Scaffolding risks is therefore imperative.

Whilst Roofing Contractors Liability insurance policies may look the same, and although the basic underlying policy wordings may have very similar intent, the end products can be very different.

Key Restrictions in Roofing Insurance Policies

Key conditions to look out for when seeking roofing insurance are restrictions to working practices such as location, heat, height or depth restrictions or exclusions, and restricted limits of indemnity and excesses. These restrictions and exclusions can be included either by specific endorsements or contained in the main insurance policy wording.